Dear friends of LCM,

As we prepare for the upcoming semester, we reflect on this past year and give thanks for the resilience of our students and the steadfast support of those who support the LCM ministry. 

This past year presented an entirely new set of hurdles for LCM students, challenging their lifestyle, their academic success, and their emotional needs in numerous ways. These uncertainties required Lutheran Campus Ministry to be innovative, flexible, and adaptable to carry on our ministry and to support our student’s needs.

Despite the challenges, it was amazing how our students came together to support each other and the community. In May, the students, Pastor Sarah, and LCM Council came together to celebrate seven graduating seniors. The evening was filled with stories of gratitude and thanksgiving for the community created by LCM and pride for their many accomplishments including outreach and evangelism in the Iowa City community and beyond.

During the evening we heard stories of experiences they had with diversity and inclusion seminars, virtual game nights, Zoom Bible studies, many service projects, and unique ways they reached into special populations to help during the pandemic. It was a pure joy to see the love they shared for each other, for LCM, and Pastor Sarah.

None of this would have been possible without your prayers, and your continued financial support. As we reflect upon both the hardships and blessings of this past year and prepare for the school year ahead, we are asking for your continued prayers and financial support for this vital ministry.

You may give online by visiting the “Support Us” link at the top of the page or by mailing a check to 123 E Market Street, Iowa City, IA 52245.

Thanks once more for standing by us in this extraordinary time, and for your faithful support always. 

Peace and blessings to you!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Sarah Goettsch

Pastor Sarah Goettsch