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Dear friends of LCM,

Greetings to you from Lutheran Campus Ministry at the University of Iowa! In this academic year, LCM continues to thrive and grow. The number of students attending LCM is larger than ever before. We have grown from 5 students in 2014 to 35-40 in 2021. LCM meets weekly for supper, followed by worship with communion and fellowship.

Students consider LCM their home away from home. Students encounter grace and love here. Our signature sign says “Love Lives Here.” Indeed. However, the growth of this ministry is rapidly outpacing our funding, so we need your help

Unlike congregations, campus ministries aren't able to depend on parishioners for funding. Students struggle to make tuition, rent, and in many cases, keep food in the fridge. Congregational support was decreasing even before COVID; since COVID, LCM has seen a dramatic drop off in giving. LCM completely depends on the giving of individuals and congregations. LCM has been on this campus for 102 years; If LCM is to continue to be a ministry to the students of the University of Iowa, we need your financial support.

Lutheran Campus Ministry at the University of Iowa exists to serve students from around the country. In addition to Iowa, we currently have students from Texas, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Puerto Rico! Students gather by the grace of God here and learn of the unconditional love God has for them and for all people. Together we journey through these extremely formative years in their lives, working through issues of sexual identity and orientation, healthy relationships with substances, mental health, relationships with self, others 

and God, and so much more. Here at LCM, they learn of acceptance, compassion, and celebration of diversity. Here they learn of their value and worth as children of God. I commend this campus ministry to you, trusting you will hold it in your heart and in your prayers. It is my sincere hope that the Holy Spirit stirs your sense of generosity so that you consider sharing your resources to support the students at Lutheran Campus Ministry.

You may give online by visiting the “Support Us” link at the top of the page or by mailing a check to 123 E Market Street, Iowa City, IA 52245.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Sarah Goettsch

Pastor Sarah Goettsch 

Hear from Students of Lutheran Campus Ministry…

“In the first few months away from home, this faith community has uplifted me in a million ways. In my first few weeks, LCM brought me a sense of home and community in a place where nothing was familiar.”Lauryn, Freshman

“LCM means a home on campus, a place where my friends and faith intersect and I feel accepted always. I can't emphasize enough the impact LCM has had on me as a person, me as a person of God - it's become a cornerstone in these crazy times, and I'll never stop being grateful for it.”Lela, Sophomore

“The LCM community is my church home away from home and I love its powerful messages and great people. Before coming to college, I wasn’t expecting to find a faith community as quickly as I did, but I am so glad that I found LCM.”Brandon, Freshman

“I was looking for a church that would be similar to my own back home, in order to try and stay connected to God. I ended up finding an incredible community of kind and caring people, where I could meet people I might otherwise never meet and learn about people I knew from before even more!” Eva, Freshman

“LCM has had a huge impact on me as I have met my lifelong friends here, ones that I know I can always rely on. LCM has also provided me with a second home where I know I am loved and always feel welcomed.”Olivia, Senior

“LCM has been a constant support system since my first week of freshman year, a place where I know I can always find a warm community. LCM has carried my faith forward from childhood and high school into my college life. Many of my closest friends are from LCM, which has made it more than easy to keep coming back and looking forward to each Thursday.”Catherine, Junior

“LCM has provided me with a place where I feel accepted and has brought me closer to God.”Kayleigh, Freshman

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